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Your Wedding Day & Make-up Artist

Your Big Day has arrived, everyone is excited and you are counting down the hours till you become a Mrs 🙂

What to expect from the morning and how the timings will run…

I always like to round up to an hour per face, it doesn’t take an hour, more around 35/40mins per face, but those extra minutes you would be surprised how they get used up, buy checking you phone, taking calls, pouring drinks, answering the door etc etc….the list goes on!

Myself, depending on the amount of faces to complete, I tend to airbrush everyones bases first, so this will be cleansing and priming skin, then applying at least two coats of airbrushed or traditional foundations.  This helps in two ways: 1. when the photographer arrives, my Bride at least has a base of foundation on, which helps with feeling at ease in front of the camera.  2.  helps with the flow of the morning, as once the bases are complete, i’ll be using different products, so I can change my set up to reflect the upcoming styles to be created.

I would have already discussed colour schemes with my Bride during the Trial session, I will always double check (as sometimes, changes to colours and themes do get tweaked).

I tend to leave the Bride till last in my chair, as once her Make-up is completed, she can step straight into her dress :)….thats when it all gets serious!

So with everyones bases completed, I start to finish of the complete ‘looks’ for each of the Bridal party.

Its always worth chatting with your professionals, as if you need your Maid of Honour or Mother of the Bride finished first, then just let them know, all we want is for your Bridal Prep to go as smoothly as possible.

So once, all the ‘looks’ are completed, you can all slip into you dresses and accessories


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