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What to look for when booking a Bridal Make-up Artist?

Over the last two weeks I have been approached with at least ten Brides, whom have had a Trial with another Make-up Artist and haven’t gone ahead with booking their services for her Wedding Day.

Why? sometimes it just down to ‘not clicking’ or ‘not liking the finished look’……..

I wanted to take this opportunity to talk you through, what to look for in a professional MUA and also what to expect from a Make-up Trial.

Firstly, you are looking for a MUA who will create your dream Wedding look…this is a look, that in some cases, you have been dreaming about since you was a little girl (so no, pressure then! lol).

Don’t rush into booking a Make-up Artist, without doing a little homework:

  1. Have they got a current website?

  2. A portfolio of work, showing different styles (you don’t want a one trick pony!)

  3. Do they have a Facebook business page?

  4. Yes – how many ‘likes’ do they have, do they have reviews on the page?

  5. Are they posting pictures all the time, can you see that they are busy?

  6. Are they approachable?

  7. Have they had their work published in a magazine or been featured?

  8. How long has the Facebook page been running since?

  9. Have you asked to speak to one of the Brides who has left a review? (this is always a great idea, what Bride isn’t going to want to talk about her Wedding Experience with one of her Suppliers?)

  10. Check the MUA’s prices, with your budget, if the MUA is not in your budget, then re-select or indeed try to increase your budget – you pay for what you get….

Hmmmm you pay for what you get!  what does that mean….

  1. You are paying for the artist’s skills, experience and expertise

  2. Insurance

  3. Hourly rate

  4. High end cosmetics

  5. Reliability

  6. Professionalism

  7. Reputation

  8. Mileage (if necessary)

Making the most of your Bridal Trial

  1. Book your Trial as soon as possible

  2. Start to research different ‘looks’, create a mood board if you can, which will allow you to show the artist your thoughts and overall styles and themes that you like

  3. Listen to your MUA, ideally, they will have lots of experience and be able to explain to you or even demonstrate whether a certain ‘look’ will compliment your face shape

  4. Wear a white or cream top, this really helps with trying to visualise what your overall look will look like on your Wedding Day (or the chosen colour you will be wearing)

  5. Take lots of pictures, from different angles, ensure that you are happy with your make-over…and if you aren’t, tell the MUA, I know myself, I will always say to my Brides, this is the whole point of a Trial – you need to be happy and confident with your look

  6. Discuss how your Wedding prep will run: who is having their make-up for first, what to expect during your Wedding prep, how can you prepare for the morning/afternoon…….

My next blog will cover what to expect for your Wedding Day 🙂

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