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What to expect when you book a bridal make-up artist and do you need one?


Do you really need a bridal make-up artist? Not everyone does, some of you will be confident with your make-up application skills and feel safer doing your own. Others may not be so confident or just don’t want the added stress on the morning of the wedding, having to deal with eyelash malfunctions or the dreaded unblended jaw line…hmmmm nice 😉

So with my piece today, I really wanted to be able to talk about the whole process of finding and booking a make-up artist, but also looking at options for you to attempt your own make-up.

After asking yourself the question and talking with your bridal party, you will need to start researching and having nose around for a make-up artist, whose style and portfolio match you as a person. So whether thats a google search, Facebook, instagram, also ask for recommendations.

On that first contact, as well as congratulating them on setting a date, its all about gathering as much information as possible, to understand that ‘image’ that my bride has in her mind…..which over time and various conversations, as well as a bridal trial/consultation that the ‘image’ is realised. But as I always state to my brides, nothing is set in stone, if they would like to tweak the look slightly on her wedding day, then just advise me and i’ll happily accommodate.

After the trial/consultation, I will have emailed my bride, giving her a run down of the morning/afternoon for her bridal prep, if more than one face (bridesmaids/mother of the bride/groom) I will give a breakdown of times and when I will need each person, this also will be factored into any hair stylists that may be attending the bridal prep….its a well oiled machine, so communication is key.

So, lets go back to the morning of the wedding day…..

On a wedding day morning, my day starts extremely early………actually it starts the evening before, where I ensure that my kit is all ready and prepped, with my brushes cleaned and ready to go, with plenty of lashes! Now i’m ready to start 😉

I always arrive with my bride at least 20/30mins earlier than I would like to start my first face, as this is how long it takes to fully set up my kit and work station (literally looks as though i’m moving in!). I choose a good light location, facing my make-up chair towards a window and away from artificial light.

If my bridal party are looking to have airbrushed foundations (which is becoming very popular) then I will always apply the foundation bases first. I achieve this by cleansing the skin first, priming. concealing and then applying the airbrushed foundations. This process can take around 10 to 15mins per face.

Once the foundation base is completed, I pass that person onto the hair stylists, so once hair is completed, they come back to my chair to have the complete finished look…..also helps when the photographers arrive, as whilst sitting having her hair styled, she is looking completely flawless 😉

After hair is completed, its back to the make-up chair. At this stage, I completely finish the look, so thats from applying the eye shadows, lashes, any brow work needed, contouring, highlighting and not forgetting lips….

If myself and my team have any spare time left, we help out! thats from lacing and zipping dresses, generally tidying up and help with the bridal party. Lips are re-applied before we say our good-byes….

Now at this point, I think it would be good to hear from Bride (Emma Constance), who has recently just got married….with a few questions that I asked on your behalf 😉

Q: Was you nervous before your bridal trial?

A: I was extremely nervous before my trial. I’d done all my research and had been very particular about the type of make-up I wanted. In particular the air brush as I don’t like looking shiny when I get hot. I was desperate to like it as my budget wasn’t huge and I wanted the trial to go well.

Q: Was you nervous after your trial?

A: After my trial I felt completely at ease that id made the right decision. I wasn’t pressured into booking up but did so immediately. All that was left was to look forward to the morning of the wedding.

Q: Was Clare approachable?

A: Clare was completely approachable. All of my bridal party said how friendly she was and how they felt completely at ease even though none of them had a trial prior.

Q: How did your maids feel?

A: All my bridesmaids looked and felt fabulous. They were all amazed at how happy they were with their make-up.

Q: How did your Mum feel?

A: Mum was ecstatic with her make-up. She’d been hesitant prior because she rarely wears make-up and felt very over done despite our best efforts to explain to her that she didn’t. She made some changes along with Clare and everyone commented how amazing she looked…. Which she did!

Q: How was the morning of your bridal prep?

A: The morning of the wedding was ace. It wasn’t rushed it was timed to perfection including Clare helping me into my dress which was causing my mum untold amounts of stress.

Q: Did your H2B have any concerns or worries?

A: I think Andy was a little concerned initially that id have so much make-up on that he would barely recognise the woman walking up the aisle. After everything had settled down and I finally got a chance to ask him what he thought he said he loved it and that he was really pleased that I didn’t look like id got lots of make-up on. To this day he loves the photos that showed off my amazing eyelashes.





Everyone is different, not every bride is the same. Some of my brides like to book a 1:1 session with me, to learn how to create their dream look or to give trust completely over to myself and my team. There is no wrong or right way, only what makes you feel comfortable at the end of the day.

But I must stress, if you are looking to book a Make-up Artist, please review their portfolio of work, check for insurances, read reviews etc….do your homework and your be in safe hands, as you would for any of your wedding suppliers.

Take care, Lakey 🙂

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